Whale's Jaw, Dogtown, MA
Babson map, Dogtown, MA
Babson cooperage, Dogtown MA
Indian warrior with scalp, Dogtown, MA
Pirate John Phillips, Dogtown
St. Elmo's Fire, Dogtown
Dogtown house, Dogtown, MA
Gleasons Boulders, Dogtown, MA
Place of the Witches, Dogtown, MA
Harpers Witches, Dogtown
Merry Boulder, Dogtown
Roger W. Babson
Rigss Boulder, Dogtown
Life's Book, Dogtown
Marsden Hartley
Marsden Hartley's Mountains in Stone
Charles Olson
Dogtown vegetables
Peter's Pulpit, Dogtown
Dogtown boardwalk
Dogtown stone wall
Anne's path, Dogtown
Elyssa East's shadow at Dogtown

There were once communities called Dogtown across the country. Find one near you.

Dogtown: Death and Enchantment in a New England Ghost Town, by Elyssa East (book jacket)

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